Roller Door and Garage Door Repairs In Adelaide

The Roller Door Doctor has been Adelaide’s number 1 roller door and garage door repairer in Adelaide for over 25 years. Specialising in all garage door repairs, services and maintenance, and garage door installation, in all areas of Adelaide. 

In addition, we can supply spare parts, remote controls and roller doors, and garage door motors, there is no brand or model we can’t fix.

Most common brands of roller doors and garage doors that need repairs in Adelaide

Why Choose The Roller Door Doctor To Repair Your Roller Door or Garage Door In Adelaide

  • Locally owned and operated since 1993
  • Family owned business
  • 25 plus years of experience
  • We can repair all brands of garage doors
  • We can service all areas of Adelaide – including some regional areas
  • Affordable, professional, reliable, and on time – with constant communication
  • Where warranty matters
  • Positive reviews both on Google and Facebook.

Roller door and garage door repair questions

How often should I service my roller door or garage door?

We recommend servicing your garage door every 18-24 months to extend the life of both the garage door and the opener. 

Our general service includes the following:

  • The balancing and retention of the springs, reduce the weight of the door which ultimately puts pressure on the motor if not maintained regularly.
  • We remove all debris and dirt from the tracks/guides and apply a small amount of silicone to ensure its smooth operation.
  • The lubrication of all roll points
  • We test the auto-reverse and safety features. 
  • Check over the garage door for any signs of wear, rust, or corrosion, and note accordingly.
  • If an opener is present, we reset it.

Emergency Roller Door and Garage Door Repairs Available

An emergency service which is available by appointment only to all customers in Adelaide.

As mentioned, we can repair all brands of garage doors some of which are mentioned above in the links should you require some additional information on a particular roller door please give us a call.

If you would like to learn more about our emergency roller door repairs in Adelaide then please click the link.

Cant Get It Up? Cant Get It Down? Or Stuck Somewhere In The Middle?

Give the team at the Roller Door Doctor a call, we can get your door healthy again and working how it should