Smart Access Solutions


Merlin is recognised as a leader in providing smart home access solutions. They excel in integrating the latest technology into garage doors and gates, enhancing both safety and convenience for users.

A significant aspect of their commitment to quality is adhering to the relevant Australian and New Zealand Standards, ensuring their products meet rigorous safety and performance benchmarks.

On this page, you will learn all the key points about Merlin MyQ smart solutions.

There is a full PDF with all the information here should you want more detail.

Why Merlin?

At Merlin, we are the experts in smart home access. Our products can elevate your garage door or gate to the latest technology to help you, and your family, enjoy the advantages of safety and convenience.

  • The most advanced garage door and gate opener accessories available.
  • Smart home technology
  • Sectional & tilt garage door openers
  • Gates (sliding gates & swing gates)
  • Wireless security keypads
  • Phone apps for easy opening.

Product Categories:

  • Garage Door Openers: Merlin offers state-of-the-art garage door openers equipped with myQ smart technology, allowing for remote monitoring and control. These products are designed to bring modern convenience and efficiency to home access.
  • Gate Openers: The gate openers by Merlin are engineered for smooth and reliable operation. They are compatible with myQ technology, enabling users to integrate their gate systems into a smart home setup.
  • Accessories: The range of accessories includes various remote controls, battery backup systems, and security features. These accessories are designed to enhance the functionality and safety of Merlin’s main products.

myQ Smart Home Technology

This technology transforms home access with features like real-time notifications, shared access for trusted individuals, and the convenience of remote operation. The ability to create schedules for doors and gates adds an extra layer of control, and safety features like the Automatic Safety Reversal Function ensure a secure environment.

Garage Door Opener Features

Merlin’s garage door openers, including the Commander Ultimate, Elite, and SilentDrive series, offer a range of features. These features include soft-start and stop for smoother operation, advanced lighting, and quiet mechanisms. The emphasis on security is evident in features like Security+ 2.0® and automatic safety reverse, backed by varying warranties for long-term reliability.

Gate Opener Features

Catering to different types of gates, these openers are adaptable to various sizes and styles. Key features include pedestrian mode for customized access, quiet motors for noise reduction, and compatibility with battery backup systems for uninterrupted operation.

Accessories Overview

Accessories like the myQ Connectivity Kit extend smart control capabilities, while durable and water-resistant remotes offer practical and versatile options for controlling gates and garage doors. The wireless security keypads enhance convenience with keyless entry, reflecting Merlin’s commitment to innovative access solutions.

Safety and Compliance

Safety is a cornerstone of Merlin’s product design, as evidenced by features like The Protector System™, which adds a layer of safety to prevent accidents. Compliance with industry standards underscores their dedication to delivering secure and reliable products.

Gavin Clark
Gavin Clark
Had issues with my old rollerdoor motor. Jenny booked me in, rang and reminded me of the appointment the day before. Dillon and Max arrived on time and quickly replaced the motor. Great customer service from Jenny, Dillon and Max. I definitely recommend The Rollerdoor Doctor.
Bec Renton
Bec Renton
Highly recommend! Very pleased with our new garage door. From the first enquiry, to quote and then installation, the communication, punctuality and service has been great.
Liz Davies
Liz Davies
Great fast service and happy to even receive a return phone call after hours. Highly recommend this business.
Tim Morris
Tim Morris
We have been using the roller door doctor for over 11 years now and we find them very good to deal with with we have had them complet around 35 job over thois time and would highly recomend them.
George Vlahos
George Vlahos
What an absolute pleasure to deal with. Had my failed Panel Lift door motor / controller changed to a Merlin Commander. Very professional service and prompt. Installation was excellent, very clean and tidy work. They even took away all the old and broken bits. Strongly recommended. Thanks.